Thursday, 8 October 2015

Anti-ageing face care


This blog is to share my treatment experiences with people who want to maintain or correct changes which happen due to age.

Two things I recommend to do concurrently:
 GuaSha Massage and Ultrasound

The results will be very good and long lasting.
I hope you enjoy this!

Around  40 y.o. or so, the established lines on the face are not very deep yet and the flesh is still firm around the jaw, cheeks, neck and eyes.

The above photographs are an example.

If you haven't thought of it before, it's a good idea to begin a maintenance routine now.

The results will be very good and there will be no need to have surgical intervention in  later years.
You will look your age, but good with it.
Massage your face using GuaSha tools and techniques

This is an established eastern practice which has been used for centuries by women and men.
This video is good as it shows clearly the tools you will need and how to GuaSha. You can buy the tools online individually or as a set, plastic tools are perfectly fine. The fish tool  is sufficient unless you want to do large areas of the body such as thighs or stomach.

The practitioners use oil as a base but I found that too greasy so I added the lotions that I have been using as recommendations below.

You can GuaSha the face and neck, the area under the arms, the inside of your thighs, your stomach.

If you have stretch marks it will take time. One of my clients treats her childbirth stretchmarks using Bio Oil with the GuaSha and she's very happy with the results.

The actual GuaSha techniques and principles don't change, but you can use what you think is best as a base for your skin and condition.
  • Active rash
  • Eczema, psoriasis, skin excoriations and flaking
  • Open wounds, boils
  • Avoid lumps, cysts, beauty marks
  • Cuts or bruising

  • Keep the strokes light and soft if you have sensitive skin or broken veins
  • Lighten your strokes if your face looks too red
  • Keep the strokes firm but soft don't dig too deep
  • Stay longer on the actual wrinkles and make small zig zag movements but don't press too hard
  • The face redness should subside in twenty minutes
How often:
  • It depends how bad the area is, say two to three times a week to start with for 5-10 minutes once a day only
  • I do a lot of GuaSha when my face looks bad, then I stop doing it for weeks, even months
  • You need to be patient and persevering - I do it after brushing my teeth or while I watch TV; it's like a routine now
Products that I recommend

Apply the products liberally. If you are a man, it's best to shave before hand.

Water base gel used for ultrasound treatments RFT

I use this particular one but you can order any from Amazon, the are all the same.

This gel-like product is very hydrating and makes the Guasha tools slide well on the skin. It's cooling and you can leave it on to dry afterwards, wipe off the excess first. I can't recommend it enough, older skin is always dehydrated so this is great for replenishing moisture, plumping, returning a softness and roundedness to the skin. It's also chemical free and suitable for any skin type. If you Guasha with this after shaving you will find your skin very moist and cool. If you have a sensitive skin with bouts of eczema give this a try!


I use N7 Products on myself and my clients. They work very well. For GuaSha I find the serums too expensive and not lasting long enough. The creams on the other end, are great. You end up with a more oily finish, but that would be ok if your skin is very dry.
I am trying this Nivea product. As I am in the menopause and I want to add hormones to my face and neck to keep the skin youthful. If you are not menopausal you won't need this, especially if you take the pill.  Again, this runs well with the GuaSha and leaves the skin more oily.
Note that both the creams are scented, so it might be better to use the water gels if you have eczema or very sensitive skin, and apply the products afterwards. For me this works better.

SainSonic Ultrasonic Body Facial Beauty Massager Anti Wrinkle
I have been using the ultrasound skin firming anti-wrinkle machine for years now. There are many available on the market and quite cheap. I  prefer this to the ILP light ones.
I use this treatment in conjunction with the Guasha but not together.
There is much use of ultrasound machines in the high street, the professional ones, but I find these home held devices very safe; you don't get danger of burns or long term damage at all.
  • Clean you face and put plenty of the water based gel (you must use it)
  • Use the recommended 5 minutes at the ultrasound level you need (mine is the highest), for each part of the face or body
  •  Forehead and eye area, cheeks mouth and chin, under the jawline and the neck (avoid the thyroid area), arms, legs, etc.
  • Don't use it every day
  • Repeat treatments every other day (you can do the GuaSha in between but not on the same day)
  • Do this for two weeks and than stop. The results get better with time. You can if you want to continue with the GuaSha alone after that
  • Don't keep the machine static over any area for too long, keep moving the probe in circular motion all over the treatment area
For your information I am adding here one of the many websites which explains the theory of ultrasound

I found, over the years and with practice, the combined treatments give better and faster results.